Sunday, January 3, 2016

Let's Talk About River

Before I get into it, this post was made so that I don't have to keep retyping the same stuff that happened over and over again. With that being said, here are some IRC lines to reflect this:
6:49:30 PM <~Techman> I should probably just make a post on /r/Techtronix that documents the whole thing
6:49:31 PM <+MarkTheNerd> nice
6:49:45 PM <manots> another saga? jesus
6:49:58 PM <+Xnopyt> manots: Welcome to Techtronix.
6:49:59 PM <~Techman> Well, it saves me having to retype the same stuff over and over
6:50:08 PM <~Techman> This way I can just go ahead and give you a link where you can read all about it
6:50:12 PM <manots> lol k
6:50:16 PM <+MarkTheNerd> go for it
6:50:35 PM <+MarkTheNerd> although i'm already convinced that he's a crackhead

Who's River?

River, also known as RiverM and /u/Rmarmorstein, used to a former operator on Techtronix. He actually used to run a hosting company called Yalo. Because he ran a small-scale hosting company, I let him go ahead and sponsor a server here on Techtronix, which was formerly known as For those that remember, this used to be our Tor-only server, accessible only by using the associated .onion address.

River was pretty familiar with common IRC commands and related skills, but skillset can only get you so far. As it will eventually come to be, River will abuse his powers to try and create a shitshow when he made his exit. If you want to learn more about him, just click here.

River's personality is rather conservative. As you can see from the quick Google search above, he's trying to make a career for himself as a politician. It's too bad that he's an immature prick, though. What happens on the Internet is never truly lost, no matter how many times he's tried to get the incidents explained in this post from.

What happened?

Put simply, he started making admin-level changes to some channels on the network, without any justification. After a day or so of no response about these commands that he used, I removed his staff privileges from the network, as a preemptive measure to prevent further abuse (as at the time I couldn't judge what he was trying to do.

He ragequit the network. and then soon after he went on an oper abuse rampage. Wait, his staff privileges were already removed, right? Correct. What he actually did is take over that Tor server that I mentioned earlier, He removed my SSH keys and modified the configuration of the IRCd to give himself god mode. Due to how InspIRCd operators work, any operator on a linked server instantly has control over the entire network. He then went on to ban people, change nicknames to something vulgar, etc. He had a serious obsession with calling me a faggot, honestly. In fact, it was leaked that he had a module created around me for his own network, which called me a faggot essentially. He has a real obsession with this, as it seems.

While this was going on, he resurrected his previously shut-down-in-favor-of-Techtronix IRC network, ChatServ. Shortly after the damage he did was reversed, he tried to poach existing communities on Techtronix to just pack up and go to his network instead. This didn't work because I was swift to gather up the evidence of what he did, and made it publicly available. The attempted poaching did nothing but make him look like a fool, and rightfully so.


Before this falling-out had happened, River used to have the /r/Servers IRC channel hosted on Techtronix as well. The funny thing is, he made a post about moving the channel to ChatServ. If you read the post carefully, he's acting like himself is a third party, when in reality he controlled both the subreddit and the network. Complete dishonesty. The entire post itself looked fishy.


Yep, he dragged this nonsense to Voat as well. He tried to tell everyone that Techtronix was a network that everyone should avoid, but failed to disclose all of the damage that he just attempted to do. I had to consequently drill him on what he failed to disclose. The original URL of this post now has my comment removed due to an asshole moderator that probably works with River to sweep this nonsense under the rug, but archives don't lie.

In fact, this entire post was based on that single comment. Because people on Voat like to censor what happened, I've decided to recreate that comment here instead. If you read further on in that Voat archive and the original URL itself (assuming that more of the comments didn't get deleted), you can see some Techtronix users posting their accounts of the incident.


River is permanently banned from Techtronix, with no hope of ever coming back. I've already contacted his ISP about future abuse of his internet services, so I don't expect him to ever show up unannounced ever again.

All of this being said, I'm glad that I've finally made a post about this. I can now just link to this whenever someone asks about River.