Sunday, October 18, 2015

Statement About frackster and AlphaTech

Well, I think this drama circulating the network about frackster has gone way too far. So here's my public statement about frackster, what he's done, why he's gone, and what I'm going to do after posting this.


As most are aware, frackster was charged with child grooming, along with related topics, a few weeks to a few months ago, due to AlphaTech's parent's discovering that he was having a relationship with him. This relationship wasn't a typical one; It went further. Apparently, nudes etc were sent from one party to another, and a whole bunch of other crap, that all and all doesn't matter to me. It certainly matters to him, though.

As a result, I have removed both frackster and AlphaTech from the network for 30 days going forward, due to this nonsense. Both of them want to point the finger at one another, and I quite frankly don't have the time or the patience to put up with nonsense anymore. Frackster is now banned for 2 years going forward (basically permanent, but I wanted to have an expiry somewhere) due to events later explained.


Person Time
frackster 30 days (initially; moved to 2 years)
AlphaTech 30 days


So let's talk about the harassment I've gotten for issuing a ban on frackster. Immediately after I removed him from the network (with an explanation in the ban reason), he began to attempt to reach me on every avenue he could. Hangouts and other IRC networks were the methods used this time around. He stalked my connections on numerous networks and joined all channels that I resided in, on the networks that I didn't have their private mode(s) set.

This is largely unprofessional behavior and I really wasn't feeling for much of this. I had to /ignore, block, you name it, on a lot of places, just to get rid of his messages. I wasn't interested in hearing from frackster anymore. If he wanted to file a ban appeal, he could have modmailed the /r/Techtronix sub, which reaches all relevant members of network staff anyways.

Frackster is about the most annoying individual I've met on IRC in a while. On the surface, he seems like a friendly person, but in reality, he's just a very much annoying person with a dark history. I do not recommend anyone communicate with him, despite whatever he says to try to make what I'm saying, less valid. His specialty is manipulating minds, to begin with.

Ban Evasion

Immediately after I banned frackster (via his IRCCloud account -- id20128), he joined back on 2 separate confirmed occasions. The first occasion is when he tried to join back on his home/work IP address, which I was able to track back to him using previously recorded information on the network. That connection was quickly removed.

However, about this time, two new users joined Techtronix -- ayy and pentiumluv. Today, I have gathered enough evidence to prove that pentiumluv was indeed frackster, but this time on an attempt to not make himself so obvious. However, this wasn't the case either because, since the beginning of his arrival, all critical members of network staff (me included) have speculated this was frackster. Today was the day I set out to actually find answers, and that's exactly what I did. As for ayy, I don't know. I will just assume this is another IRCCloud spawn of frackster. It makes sense because they both appeared around the same time.

Going Forward

Frackster is now banned from this network for 2 years at a minimum. He might continue to ban evade, but the more he continues to do this, the more I will call him on it. Next step is contacting his employer, his ISP, and perhaps even law enforcement if he has a critical issue with following directions.

He has been known to try to play the victim in all of this nonsense. Once again, I recommend that you do not listen to this guy. In fact, I wouldn't even take him seriously anymore. If you want this kind of nonsense to happen with you as well, be my guest. However, if you drag any drama regarding frackster back into Techtronix, I will remove you (the user reading this) personally and reference this article as the reason. Additionally, I want to stick this here as well: If you're one of those folks "snitching", or otherwise feeding him logs to keep him up to date with what's going on, the statement above applies to you as well. Frackster is banned for a reason, folks. If I wanted him to see the chat in #Lounge, I would let him join the channel.

AlphaTech was banned because he knowingly communicated with frackster when he was ordered not to, both by his own law enforcement and by me myself. He directly disobeyed and admitted to doing so. I really don't care how much he loves the network (he loves it a lot actually), but I will not let him get away with something as serious as this. I myself don't have much of an issue with law enforcement in general, but I do generally want to keep folks who attract law enforcement away from the network (they usually bring trouble).

And yes, I know what frackster says as his side of the story. I don't really care, so don't even bother explaining to me what he said, as I already know what he said. Believe who you want, but either way, I'm done with this nonsense and want to move on.