Saturday, July 18, 2015

July News and Announcements

It's been a while since I've posted the latest update post for Techtronix, so here comes this one. Over the past few weeks, a few things have changed on the network, and Techtronix has also gained a sizable amount of communities.


A few weeks ago Luigi_Fan posted about a newly created #gaming channel on the network. Ever since then, the channel has actually been re-purposed! #Gaming is now home to Voat's own /v/gaming, which is a "default" subverse for Voat. #Gaming has grown from being a small channel with ~4 users to a relatively sizable channel, with almost 20 users in there at times. Oh, and the channel is still in its infancy. I expect the channel to grow as Voat as a whole grows as well.

New servers

Techtronix has added 2 new servers since the last update, which are now shown on the server wiki page. Those servers are Lazer and OffTheRadar, the latter of which is a brand new Tor-only server that is currently a work in progress. I expect to have it finished in the coming weeks. Lazer is a new server located in Amsterdam, and it now gives Techtronix geographic coverage for Europe. The only other major region that Techtronix doesn't cover is the Pacific, and right now we are working on getting a server in Australia to have that region covered.


Ever since the recent events with Reddit, a lot of former Reddit users have flocked over to a competing platform, Voat. Techtronix has been actively reaching out to Voat communities, and so far the network has been successful in securing key technology and game-based communities. /v/gaming was already mentioned above.

Communities page

Speaking of communities, we have a new wiki page: communities. It contains just about every channel on Techtronix. The page is updated manually by Techtronix staff. If you wish to be a volunteer maintainer for the communities page, send us a message.

Getting started guides

Also new to the wiki are the new "getting started" guides for Techtronix. We have guides for new users and new channels, and both are open to contributions as well. Both of these pages were written from scratch with no prior planning so it might be missing some things as well. Don't hesitate to let me know :)


I've been working on getting an official Techtronix mumble server up and running. The actual server is installed, all that is left is the actual setup of the server. I expect the Mumble server project to be done very soon. Voice chat should offer even better community engagement and open up doors for new opportunists. I personally expect lots of great things to come out of this.


Although not quite done yet either, I'm working on getting an RSS bot up and running. When that's done, I'll make an announcement thread as well.

Why choose Techtronix?

I've also updated the "Why choose Techtronix?" wiki page with some of the recent additions. This is the main wiki page that I and other staff show to communities when we reach out to them. If you'd like to help out with spreading the word of Techtronix, I recommend you link relevant people to that wiki page.


Well, here is the end of this latest update! When the Mumble server and RSS bot are finished, I'll make separate threads for them as well.