Sunday, July 17, 2022

Unexpected Downtime on Ratchet

Hello all, this is just a short notice that Ratchet, the network's hub server, is currently offline due to an unexpected issue originating from the hosting company. As mentioned in the previous announcement, access to a few network services will be impacted in the meantime:

  • NickServ, ChanServ, and other services hosted on
  • Account Web Panel
  • Statistics Web Panel (StatServ)

A notice will be made when service is restored. If you need assistance in the meantime, please contact staff in #help or ping me in #lounge.

Update (2022-07-18 22:00:00 UTC): The outage is still ongoing. Have not heard any further communication from the hosting company. This is the first episode of downtime since using them in 2017 outside of regularly scheduled maintenance.

Update (2022-07-19 18:29:00 UTC): Service has been restored.

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