Saturday, July 10, 2021

The Return of Ballista

Hey folks, quick update on the status of client servers, or one in particular:

For those that may remember, Techtronix used to have a client server, named Ballista, in honor of the sniper rifle (FN Ballista) featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It was previously in service a few years ago, and was sponsored by ChicagoVPS (a sub-brand of Colocrossing). Unfortunately, they shut it down and ghosted me after a DDoS attack. Yes, really. Quite unprofessional for a hosting company, but life goes on.

This new Ballista is hosted on Oracle Cloud, which appears to be a relatively new service. I hope it does well. Only IPv4 is supported. I have no idea if Oracle ever plans to bring IPv6 support to virtual machines. Their firewall also prevents IPv6 tunnels (such as those from Hurricane Electric) from working.

I have been running this server for almost a month and half with no issues, so I think it is ripe for introduction into the general round robin. For those curious, all of the Techtronix servers are listed in the wiki.
As always, drop a comment or send me a message on IRC if you have questions or run into an issue.

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