Monday, July 20, 2020

Announcing Services Web Control Panel and Statistics

Hello guys! It has been a few months since the last post, but I have been working on some things that I would like to share. In short, I would like to announce the (re)availability of the online services control panel (manage your NickServ account online), as well as the new availability of the online IRC statistics panel, powered by MagIRC.

Services Control Panel

A long time ago, you could access your NickServ account and related channel registration information, among other things, online from the control panel. This functionality was offline for some time when I rebuilt the hub server, but now it has returned and is here to stay!

For those who haven't used the panel before, check it out! It allows you to view and change a lot of information in your account, as well as items for channels you have access to. You can even request a new vhost there if you want.

IRC Statistics

For those who have been paying attention to #lounge, you may have noticed me working on getting the network moved over to using MariaDB. Part of the reason for that is to support the upcoming statistics panel, powered by MagIRC.

It is now publicly available. You can visit it by clicking here. Unfortunately, it has only been recording statistics starting from a few days ago, so everything that has happened in the past on Techtronix will not be reflected.

By default, statistics have been enabled for all channels that are not "test" ones. Additionally, channels marked as secret or private (the +s and +p channel modes, respectively) are not shown in the panel. So, chat away! The stats panel does not track full IRC messages, only smaller things such as the use of smileys.


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