Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas! Also, Some Upcoming Changes

First off, I would like to wish everyone a nice Christmas this year and thank you all for continuing to use Techtronix. It's because of you guys that this network continues to exist, as a network with no users would be rather depressing 😉.

That out of the way, I wanted to talk some more about the changes to Techtronix coming soon. As I have mentioned earlier this year, I plan on moving the network to InspIRCd 3 soon. I may be able to complete before the year is over, although I haven't completed all of my testing at the time I'm writing this post. There are still a few modules that will need patching, and I am working on sorting that out.

Along for the ride will also be the SHA1 to SHA256 upgrade for certificate fingerprints. I'll attempt to make this as seamless as possible for users, although some user involvement will be necessary.

Lastly, a note about clients. Because the Flash policy port will be discontinued, support for the LightIRC web client will also cease. The upstream project has been dead for quite some time, so this has been on life support for a while. No regular user on Techtronix appears to use the client, either. With Flash becoming dead in 2020 anyway, that's a good thing.

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