Thursday, August 15, 2019

Discontinuing the Flash Policy Daemon

Hello all! I just wanted to write a quick announcement concerning the Flash policy daemon (flashpolicyd) that is currently in use on Techtronix to service Flash-based IRC clients.

With Adobe Flash set to be discontinued in 2020, it makes little sense to continue supporting it on Techtronix. The only IRC client known to use Flash, LightIRC, is an inactive project with the maintainer mostly unresponsive, and no improvements to the project have been posted in quite some time. While there are plans for LightIRC to be ported to HTML5, nothing has happened so far. In fact, the website is currently dead as of this writing.

This all being said, I plan to discontinue the Flash policy daemon running on 8430 on December 31, 2019. I may choose to deactivate the service earlier if I detect no clients regularly using it. After this, the only way to access Techtronix will be through TLS on port 6697, or plaintext through 6667 with a qualifying exemption.

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