Friday, July 20, 2018

Changes to NickServ Profiles

Hello all,

I've made a few small changes to the service database to better reflect the ability to set profile information in NickServ. Recall that NickServ profile information is shown via /ns info and additional information can be added, such as personal websites and various social media handles.


  • Added Discord as a profile option. The suggested format is userName#1234.
  • Added Xbox Gamertag as a profile option.
  • Added PlayStation Network ID (PSN) as a profile option.


  • [ALL] Renamed all profile options to no longer be strictly uppercase. Example: YOUTUBE is now shown as YouTube and all commands associated have been updated as well.
  • The field "URL" has been renamed to "Website". Edit: This has been reversed, as it has caused some issues with the service web panel.


  • Removed 3DS from profile options.
  • Removed Wii from profile options.
  • Removed WiiU from profile options.
  • Removed SteamWishlist from profile options.
  • Removed PCPPBuild (PCPartPicker build) from profile options.