Wednesday, July 19, 2017

New Feature: Op-moderated Channel Mode

This has actually existed in InspIRCd as a third-party module for quite a while, but I've officially launched the op-moderated channel mode and extended ban type on the network as of this post. /helpop documentation has also been updated.

However, for a TL;DR, here are the updated entries:

Type Character Description
Channel mode U Messages from non-voiced users are sent to channel operators only (op-moderated).
Extended ban u Messages from matching users only appear to channel operators (op-moderated; see channel mode U).

  1. The extended ban relies on the fact that the matching user is not voiced, as otherwise setting the ban is pointless.
You might be wondering how come the extended ban type isn't U as well. That's actually already occupied by network services: extended ban U is used to match unregistered users.