Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year! Oh, and Techtronix is TLS-Only!

Just wanted to write a quick message here to wish everyone a happy new year, and to make a quick announcement about closing off plaintext connections without exceptions, like I've spoken about before.

As of about 11PM on Dec. 31st, I flipped the switch to disable ordinary insecure connections to the network. So far I haven't noticed anything that would fall out of the "operating as normal" spectrum, and there were only ~3 users (who mostly idle) who connect using plaintext. Those users will now get the connection notice.

All webchat clients will require secured connections as well. KiwiIRC doesn't connect to Techtronix using TLS by default despite being configured to do so, but Mibbit does automatically when using their preset and LightIRC will do the same when you specify the SSL setting.

The only exceptions are for IRC search engine index bots, which I hope to hopefully nudge to using secured connections if possible. Techtronix will not give out exceptions for old clients. If your client software uses SSLv3 and below, it's time to upgrade. Take it or leave it, but the web clients are available.