Sunday, July 3, 2016

Introducing The Techtronix Proxy Scanner

Not to steal the thunder away from yesterday's announcement, but today also brings something new to Techtronix.

You may notice a new message that you get on connection to the network that you've never seen before:

-HOPM- *** Your connection is currently being scanned for open proxies...
Or maybe you have, but this message used to live up in the on-connect server notices.

Anyways, upon connection to the network, our open proxy monitor will now port-scan your IP and look for open proxies. Should one be found, you will be Z-Lined with information on what was detected. In addition, your IP will also be reported to DroneBL, which is a well-known IRC DNS blacklist used to help prevent IRC abuse, especially from spam bots and botnets.

This change was implemented to help increase user security here on the network. It's also a preventative measure against botnets. The proxy scanner used to be used on Techtronix a while ago, but I've brought it back.